Oh, Yeah! Kool-Aid Man Crashes into Funko

One of my best friends growing up was fairly tall, had a real red complexion and was pretty rotund all-around. Yeah, he went by the name Kool-Aid Man and he never failed to bring the party with a classic shout of, “Oh, Yeah!” as he’d smash through a brick wall somewhere.

I drank my fair share of Kool-Aid as a kid, especially sitting out on the pool deck under the hot sun at my friend Gary’s house during the summers. There was an infamous day where our buddy Ethan spilled an entire cup of cherry Kool-Aid all over himself poolside and ended up with what we called a “Kool-Aid Stain” on his belly.

But besides being a fruit drink’s lovable mascot, did you know there’ve been a number of Kool-Aid products made?

Yep, as an avid comic book collector, I couldn’t keep my hands off the official Kool-Aid Man comic book. From Marvel Comics, no less!

My greatest conquest, though, was saving up the 125 Kool-Aid proof of purchase points (Mom was always good at cutting those out for me!) and sending them in for a free Kool-Aid Man video game for the Atari 2600!

Yes, I still have the game. Yes, it’s pretty atrocious. And yes, I love playing every minute of it.

Over the years, there have been Kool-Aid Man PVC figures, plushes and even T-shirts. I recall the big guy even making a splash on an episode of The Family Guy.

Lately, however, KAM (That’s Kool-Aid Man to his friends) hasn’t really been heard all that much. Until now…

Ohh, Yeah!

Thanks to the fine folks at Funko, Kool-Aid Man is crashing into store shelves on September 13, 2019. He’s part of the AD Icons series.

Also joining the AD Icons series are that jolly fellow Green Giant and his little one Sprout. Both are due out on July 14, 2019.

What ad mascot would you love to see as a Funko Pop?

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